DJ Trischler Lecture at La Roche!

AIGA Pittsburgh welcomes Pittsburgh-native and now Chattanooga-based designer DJ Trischler as the kick-off lecture for Typography Month.

A graduate of La Roche College’s Graphic Design program, DJ Trischler worked under Paul Rustand, AIGA Fellow, at Widgets & Stone after which he relocated to Chattanooga in 2007. After a few years of freelancing, he and Jonathan Mansfield started D+J Brand Consulting.

Taking on a variety of design projects, D+J specializes in brand consulting and identity development. D+J launched a grass-roots initiative and partnered with typeface designers Robbie de Villiers and Jeremy Dooley to successfully make Chattanooga the first American city with a custom typeface, Chatype.

Join us as DJ Trischler shares with us his insight and love of typography.

For more on DJ visit:

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